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Sentence Length Range refers to the range of character counts that can be present in each sentence.

For example, specifying a range of 10 to 15 characters would result in sentences with character counts randomly chosen from within this range during generation.

You can also provide the same number for both ends of the range (N to N) to always choose N characters.

Sentences Range, also known as "prompts", are individual segments of a multi-prompt. Specifying a range between 2 and 4 sentences would result in generating between 2 and 4 sentences. Each sentence is separated by double colons ::. This allows exploration of multiple concepts simultaneously. You can also provide the same number for both ends of the range (N to N) to always generate N sentences.

Space Frequency dictates the insertion frequency of spaces in the generated text. Potential outcomes include:

  • 0% Generation of long, complex words without spaces.

  • 100% Production of multiple shorter words or single characters, each separated by a space.

Describes how many comma separated sentences should be joined into paragraphs.

During text generation, the following characters can be chosen from:

  • Emoji Random emoji characters, from all faces and permutaions of skin color, to all flags and symbols, excluding provocative or NSFW emojis.

  • ASCII The usual printable characters, and some non-printable "invisible" tokens assigned for special purposes

  • Unicode Almost a million unicode characters from many languages, symbols, emojis, etc... Some unassigned

  • Unicode PUA Private Use Area unicode characters are characters reserved for private use, therefor have no inherent meaning

You have the freedom to select any combination of character sets, with each set having an equal chance of being picked during each character generation.